6 July 2017

Mirrored Sunglasses


When we took this particular set of outfit photos I can clearly remember it being one of those 'weather' days when it wasn't quite warm enough to fully bare yourself nor limbs, but it was still on the humid side of things. So with that in mind I decided to pull out these di.y'd panel trousers which have been an item that I tend to edge towards when the temperature drops a tad cooler, as thanks to their slightly 'loose' fit they can be the perfect item for type of weather.

Colour palette wise I kept it to my normal monochromatic shade range, with the sunglasses and panel detailing acting as the main accents of colour for the look. These glasses are actually (would you believe) from Primark and were only £3...I had to immediately snap them up as I couldn't help but wear them as an alternative to my classic ray-ban 'round' versions. In fact they are a pretty near similar shape and size on comparison, which make them the perfect purchase for those deliberating whether to part their cash with the originals.

Top - Primark (similar here) | Trousers - New Look (similar here) | Sunglasses - Primark (similar here) | Sandals - Birkenstock (link)

4 July 2017

Floral Maxi Dress


Last summer this dress was worn ALOT especially whilst I was out in LA, recap/reminiscent on that outfit here. In fact it'ss quickly turning into one of those pieces which you save for the warmer months, as it immediately makes an outfit look effortless whilst 0 effort has gone in to it. When its on the cooler side of the weather spectrum I love to layer this piece up, either with a vintage band tee or even a roll neck, if its particularly chilly. But with a trip to Florida being less than a week away this dress is one which I'm 100% taking with me, for those days when looser/flow-ey fabrics are your best friend. Because lets face it, its going to be very hot and humid. Expect a load of Florida/Miami themed posts to come your way very soon, as I'm going to make the most of every photo opportunity that comes my way.

Dress - New Look (similar here and here) | Choker - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Boots - ASOS (similar here) | Bag - Radley (link)*

29 June 2017

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups : Review

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups : ReviewBeauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups : ReviewBeauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups : ReviewBeauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups : ReviewBeauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups : Review

The latest launch from the Beauty Kitchen comes in the form of this pouch of goodies a.k.a skincare must-haves, that are perfect for a skin pick-me-up whilst on holiday. All products have been enriched with Abyssinian Oil which is basically like the big sister of Argan oil, that mimics your skin's own oils leaving you with healthier feeling skin.

As I'm off into the Florida sunshine next week, these mini's have come at a perfect time as they are the perfect size for get-aways and can even be used in your hand luggage for an on-flight skincare session, to perk up your complexion.

With myself having combinayion/blemish prone skin I was partially intrigued to try these thanks to the added Abyssinian Oil mimicking your own skin and giving it a dose of nourishment. I've been using all products for over 2 weeks now, and can safely say that they've all had their benefits.  The key stand-out ones for me have to be the "5 Minute Miracle Mask" which I love to use once/twice a week (depending on how 'blemished' my skin is) to unclog my pores and give my skin a boost, plus as it has virtually no colour you could easily get away with using this in-flight.

Another stand-out product is the "Aroma Facial Concentrate" which is simply a facial oil that promotes cellular development, and thanks to its unique molecular structure it sinks deep into the layers of your skin. I prefer to use this in the evening once I've fully cleansed my skin, 2/3 drops are all you really need to cover your whole face. After using this product for a few weeks, I've noticed that the texture of my skin has improved and that (despite having oily skin) it feels more hydrated and  my make-up doesn't sink into those unflattering facial lines (e.g. laughter lines etc).

With all these products being 100% natural and only 'people tested', never animal. They make a perfect gift for someone about to jet off on holiday, as they are the perfect travel size and help give your skin a boost in the process. Needless to say that they have rightfully taken a place in my suitcase for my travels. They also come in a cute resealable pouch, make them even more travel friendly.

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups (link)* 

27 June 2017

Trend: Gingham


Gingham has been one of those trends where I haven't really attempted to try this season despite it being EVERYWHERE- that is until todays post. I can remember a few of years back when gingham smock dresses were a wardrobe essential (including mine) and I swear every blogger owned one, that and disco pants-of course. Seeing them back in stores this season round gave me a waft of nostalgia to the days when I used to make my own circa. 2013, safe to say those blog posts are currently tucked away in the 'drafts'. So with this particular dress being on the 'girly-er' side of the spectrum I wanted to add an element of grunge with the whole look, by choosing some trusty accessories-boots/choker combo to achieve this.

Dress - Shein (link)* | Bag - Radley (link)* | Sunglasses - Rayban Clubmaster (link) | Boots - you guessed it... ASOS (similar here)

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22 June 2017

The Babydoll


As you can probably tell from todays post and my previous, I've developed a thing for aviator glasses. This has probably got something to do with seeing those Haim album promos around the internet, with the girls sporting numerous pairs of tinted shades, that I've now subconsciously developed an adoration for such an item. These particular ones are a recent Primark buy for a bargain....£1, needless to say I picked up all the tinted frames available as who can't resist a pair at that price.

Dress - Motel Rocks (old - similar here) | Bag - New Look (similar here) | Sunglasses - Primark | Boots - ASOS (similar here) | Choker - New Look (similar here

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20 June 2017

Every Tee


Long time blog readers will probably know that The Mountain t-shirts have been a frequent fixture on my blog for a pretty long time. So when this one arrived- which is a slightly different variation to their standard range of tees, I was particularly excited to see how I could incorporate it into an everyday look.

The "Every Tee" is a soon-to-be launched t-shirt range that is an both eco-friendly and unique. With each t-shirt being hand-dyed and printed in New Hampshire (The Mountain HQ f.y.i) these t-shirts are definitely unique in their nature. They are also printed on the softest of soft (no exaggeration) tri-blend fabric with a technique that infuses the print into the tee, allowing it to not feel stiff nor like 'plastic'. Also did I mention that each t-shirt is responsibly sourced and made with water-soluble inks and organic dyes, meaning that it doesn't 'cost the earth' to make. If you're interested in getting your hands on one  then be sure to pre-order one here.

T-Shirt - The Mountain (link)* | Trousers - Missguided (similar) | Sunglasses - Primark (similar)  | Shoes - Birkenstock (link) | Choker - eBay (similar

15 June 2017

Blue Denim


It's not everyday that you find yourself shooting on the rooftop car park of your local Ikea, before a spot of shopping at the mothership accompanied by an 'obligatory' meatball lunch. As a photographer myself I have a soft spot for shooting in car parks, as there is something about the contrast of concrete against a fashion based concept that I adore. And with myself wearing an 'ikea blue' denim jacket that particular day, I thought it wouldn't be a more fitting location to shoot.

Denim Jacket - ASOS (similar) | Top - eBay (similar) | Flares - Missguided (similar) | Boots - ASOS (similar)

13 June 2017

Polka Dots


The idea of pairing an oversized shirt with a pair of culottes has been one of those outfits which I've been desperate to try and style into some wearable concoction for ages, as it reminds me of a form of relaxed tailoring. I adore how it plays on silhouettes and can be quite 'boyish' in shape due to its oversized nature. Admit-ably this outfit is fast becoming a go-to when I have those mornings where I find myself in a 'style-rut', as it take 0 effort to put together.

Shirt - Shein (link)* | Trousers - New Look (link) | Bag - Radley (link)* | Boots - ASOS (similar here)

9 June 2017

Got2b "Fresh it Up" Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoo is one of those products that can be seen as an essential for girls on the go, as when you find the perfect formula a spritz of this can instantly refresh your hair. Schwarzkopf Got2B have recently launched a new range of dry shampoos (exclusively to Primark) that come in a range of scents to suit all hair needs. The main thing that attracted me to this range was that they don't leave any of that pesky white residue that ALOT of other dry shampoos tend to leave, which I have to admit is one of the main reasons why I tend to stir clear of those types of formulas.

So when I decided to give these a whirl, to freshen up my locks in between washes I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they are to apply. I sectioned my hair in 4 even sections and sprayed the product about 1/2 an arms distant away directly to the roots. Despite having white blonde hair I didn't notice any left over white residue which would normally show up on my darker roots. Nor did my hair feel full of product and 'chalky' like other dry shampoos I've tried. An added bonus was that they made my hair smell incredible, to the fact where people were asking what 'perfume' I was wearing. At £2 a pop you can't really go wrong.

Exclusively available @ Primark (in-store) | Got2b Fresh it Up in "Volume" and " Extra Fresh"*

7 June 2017

Relaxed Dressing

Summer dressing can be hard. I have to admit that sometimes all I want to wear is a pair of my denim jeans and a band t-shirt but with the temperatures on the rise that sort of combo doesn't always cut it. With it being typical english weather and all, the unpredictability of this as of late I've been opting for layering lighter fabric pieces. Such as this motel top and a pair of wide leg trousers, to somedays pairing an oversized shirt with a pair of culottes. As I have personally been loving the 'relaxed' feel of both outfits, and as someone who spends a lot of time in front of my computer working these types of  outfits double up as an 'acceptable' form of pyjama's-which dare I say is an added bonus.

Top - Motel Rocks (link)* | Trousers (diy'd) - New Look (similar here) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (link) | Choker - New Look (link)
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