24 May 2016

Distant Galaxies


Lookbook // photos by @ima.mermaid
I have had an obsession with space and the galaxies that exist beyond our planet for years. It's most likely down to the fact of wanting to know about the unknown and the amazing things that space is capable of doing. That being said what better way to declare my love for all things space and nebulas than with this awesome "Starburst Galaxy" t-shirt.
I decided to pair this new addition to my wardrobe with a recent d.i.y/revamp of a skirt I've had for ages but never seem to wear. It was originally an a-line style number but with a few stitches it is now transformed into something a little more fitted. I also paired the tee with a red neck scarf to bring out the red tones in the print.

T-Shirt - The Mountain (link)* | Skirt - D.I.Y (New Look) | Bag - Vintage | Neck Scarf - New Look | Sandals - Primark

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