28 January 2016


Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook

After first posting about this jumper late last year (recap here) I am still deeply in love with it. Everything from its slightly oversized fit to its ice-cream inspired pastel coloured stripes, it is also one of those items which almost resembles the 'feel' of an oversized blanket-which I'm definitely not complaining about. 
The jumper has also signified the start of long going love with the brand UNIF as I am forever checking their site, eyeing up any potential purchases to be made. I just love their whole brand aesthetic and the way they mix the grunge with the girly, within their designs in their women collections. I have currently got my eyes glued to owning their "Lenny Top" in pastel pink-for obvious reasons...So watch this space.

Jumper - UNIF | Skirt - New Look | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban "Round" | Backpack - Vintage | Earrings - New Look | Boots - H&M

26 January 2016


Lookbook // Photos by @ima.mermaid
Culottes are one of those 'trouser trends' that I didn't immediately gravitate towards, as on the hanger they don't seem like the most flattering pair of trousers. However after seeing more and more of them around, plus some of my favourite bloggers rocking their own. I thought it was about time that I tried this 'trend' out for myself and finally took the plunge into the world of culottes.

What can I say? They probably have to be the most comfiest trousers I have ever worn-on par with pyjama's. In fact I've been wearing them a hell of a lot recently as they are so easy to style and practical for work and everyday errands. My current favourite way of styling them is with a band/vintage inspired tee, bomber jacket and a pair of Dr Martens. As due to the shorter hem line they work well with a long pair of boots.  I've become so attached to this pair that I am contemplating whether to pick up another in a slightly different style. It just shows...don't judge a trend until you tried it.

T-Shirt - Harley Davidson Shop, Huntington Beach CA | Culottes - New Look | Bomber Jacket - New Look | Backpack - Vintage | Boots - H&M | Choker Necklace - My Sisters Accessories (Link) 

23 January 2016

Currently on the Turntable

My vinyl record player is one of those pieces in my room that I cannot imagine it without. As for me there is something so special about listening to music through vinyl. 
I have been meaning to share a few of my *current* favourite albums via vinyl for ages, as besides from having an interest in fashion I also love finding new albums to listen-both old and new. So with that in mind here are some of favourites for this moment in time... 

"Anthems for Doomed Youth" by The Libertines, has to be one of the best comeback albums (for me) of 2015. Recorded in a studio in Thailand (due to Pete's recent completion of rehab) the whole album dabbles with an array of sounds such as reggae and ska, as well as sophisticated sounding melodies that a show a more 'grown-up' side to the band. Although it might not sound like a "typical libertines" album, the heartfelt lyrics about recent losses and the last 18 years is what truly makes it worth a listen. As I am seeing them next week, I am definitely contemplating writing a review of the live set-let me know your thoughts?

Recorded in just two weeks, The Arcs debut "Yours Dreamily" showcases a sound that has hints of psychedelia, soul and funk with lyrics to match. The opening track "Outta My Mind" clearly sets the tone for the tracklist to come. If you were a fan of The Black Keys last album "Turn Blue" then this one creating by one half of the band is definitely worth a listen. As some of the tracks on "Yours Dreamily" wouldn't feel too out of place on "Turn Blue".

Due to the recent loss of the icon that is David Bowie, I thought I would pay tribute to musical genius by including one of favourite Bowie albums. "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" is a concept album telling the story of a fictional rock star named Ziggy Stardust. The album has clear glam rock influences and displays themes of sexual exploration and social commentary in Bowies' lyrics. The real stand-out track for me is the iconic "Starman", which tells the story of an alien bringing a message the earth's youth via radio, the 1972 Top of the Pops performance is simple iconic.

21 January 2016

World Domination

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook
The Varsity jacket has been one of those items which I have forever longed to own. There is something about its american high school style preppy-ness that I have always loved, especially how it can instantly add an element of androgynous to your outfit. Come the summer I cannot wait to start styling it with AA tennis skirts and white sneakers, for a full-on 90s school girl inspired look with tennis/basketball court background in tow. 

With the theme "americana" in mind I decided to pair the jacket with this awesome tee, also from Fivepoundtee.com, as I love the vintage feel of the slightly worn american flag print. As the sun was shining (for once) I decided to give my Raybans their first "blog outing" as this particular style has been on my wishlist for god only knows how long...That being said I opted for the more classic style of lens and frame, as I knew their versatility would work their wonders on my future outfits. 

Varsity Jacket - Fivepoundtee.com (link)* | T-Shirt - Fivepoundtee.com (link)* | Skirt - NewLook (link) | Boots - H&M | Sunglasses - Rayban Round (link) | Backpack - Vintage | Choker Necklace - My Sisters Accessories (link)

19 January 2016

Motel Rocks Velvet Dress

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook

I have had my eye on owning this velvet dress ever since my recent obsession with Courtney Love's style began and her adoration of the babydoll/slip dresses. This Motel Rocks one definitely had 90s written all over, from its shape to choice of fabric. One of my favourite ways of styling it for the colder months is by pairing it with a black ribbed roll neck, as I love the subtle contrast of textures as well as how it adds a slight preppy-ness to the whole 'look'. 

In true 90s style I decided to pair said dress with this distressed, patched denim jacket that I picked up from Romwe over Christmas. I've discovered a new love for patched denim and this jacket fulfils this new 'love' of mine, especially how the back patch quotes a song from the rock band the Pixies. I can't wait to start layering and styling this jacket with winter knits as the possibilities with styling such an item seem to be endless...

Dress - Motel Rocks (Link) | Denim Jacket - Romwe (similar link) | Boots - H&M | Choker Necklace - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Ring - My Sisters Accessories (link)* | Backpack - Vintage

16 January 2016

Gig Review: Bully @ Nottingham Contemporary Collab-8 Festival

The American Alternative Rock band gave November's Nottingham Contempoary Affinity Festival, a much needed grunge injection into a what could be seen as a 'quiet' afternoon of art and musings.

Creating an electrifying, intimate experience to the lucky few who made it down to "The Space", this band was definitely one of the highlights from the event. Labeled as the band who fuse together sounds of the 90s with punk, you simply couldn't take your eyes off of their (short but sweet) 30 minute set. With a set list ranging from soft spoken rock songs to face paced screaming in a matter of minutes, their songs definitely had a "Hole" feel to them with the added raspiness of the lead singer Alicia's voice.

Another 90s band that came to mind, whilst watching the set was Sonic Youth as besides from the obvious similarities between the gender-ratio of both bands. The textural sounds created from the both the guitars and drum felt like a nod to Sonic Youth's album "Dirty". If you want a comparable current band then Bully's song "I remember" has the same face paced energy of Palma Violets "Rattlesnake Highway". Or if the 'Violets' aren't your cup-of-tea then give the artist Courtney Barnett a listen-who is in fact cited as one of their key influences.

Singing about breaking your sister's (and your own) arm, body-issues, periods and your dirty bed sheets. Their latest album "Feels Like" adds a candid insight into the issues we are all exactly experiencing/or have experienced. A track listing that acts both as an energy source and 'breather', by pairing fast paced screaming next to a more chilled vibe. The album has a true 'chocolate box' effect, as you never really now what emotion you're going to experience next. Be sure to give them a listen below!

Tracks to listen to from "Feels Like": Six, I remember & Milkman

14 January 2016

The Beauty Review: Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection

Shade 2 "Marilyn Sunset Red" (Suited towards Warm Skin tones)
Shade 3 "Marilyn Berry" (Suited towards Cool Skin tones)

Shade 4 "Marilyn Cabernet" (Suited towards Darker Skin tones) // All lipsticks £7.99 & Available at Boots

January can typically be known as the month where we set aside those party looks and bold red lips, however (for the second year running) Max Factor are calling all women to inject a dash of glamour to their make-up look for their exciting #GlamJan campaign. Your lip colour can be a key tool in doing this, as by simply switching up your shade of lipstick for a sophisticated shade of red you can instantly beat those dull January blues.
Now thanks to Max Factor's recently launched Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection, you can easily create a bold red lip choosing a shade that is suited to your skin tone just like the lady herself.

The formula of these lipsticks is worth noting as they are extremely easy to apply due to their smooth application, that has been enriched with grape seed oil and avocado butter preventing your lips from drying out over time.  Another quality that I love about these lipsticks is how the shades are extremely pigmented and have an incredible colour intensity, as I can recall  I only applied one layer of colour in the photos shown above. Lastly I could not help but notice their distinctive scent which has been enhanced with fresh citrus notes and vanilla tones to embody Marilyn Monroe's sweet and alluring persona. So why not give your make -up an injection of glamour with one of these lipsticks, as it really is the easiest yet beautifully dramatic way of adding glamour.

12 January 2016

Forever Unsocial

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook

Romwe have been one of my go-to shopping for destination for as long as I can remember. I love how they provide stylish pieces at extremely purse-friendly prices, and I'm forever adding items from their "New-In" section-which is updated daily to my wishlist. 

So when this "Skull" inspired sweater dropped onto my doorstep I simply couldn't wait to start styling it for the blog. Besides from being made from a high-quality fabric I love the oversized fit of the sweater, as there is something about layering an oversized piece over a feminine skater skirt. I have being literally wearing it to 'death' ever since receiving it, as it is such a comfy piece that is also extremely versatile. If you fancy owning your very own "skull inspired" sweater than they have been reduced to £11-96 - definitely a bargain buy not to be missed.

Sweater - Romwe (link)* | Skirt - Boohoo | Backpack - Fjall Raven | Roll Neck Jumper - M&S | Boots - H&M | Crystal Pendant - My Sisters Accessories (link)

7 January 2016

Grunge Everyday Make-Up

Products used: Vichy DermaBlend Corrective Foundation in "Opal" (link) | Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in "Shade 1" (link)| Mac Matte Powder Blush in "Prism" (link)* | Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Liquid Liner in "Black" (link) | Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette (link) | Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara* (link) | Mac Lipliner in "Cork" (link) | Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in "001 Nude Attitude" (link)

Recently I have been taking inspiration from 90s make-up looks by incorporating key elements into my everyday make-up routine, such as the trade mark brown lips and the slightly smoky eyes. With that in mind I thought I would share with you what I use/do to create it, as this is 'look' is probably worn in 99% of my recent outfit posts.

A couple of key products that I use include the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette (link) and the Mac Lipliner in "Cork" (link). Once I have applied my base make-up I go straight onto the eyes using the shade "Stark" on my base,  a mixture of "Frisk", "Cover" and "Primal" for my crease by layering the lightest shades first and then blending in a small amount of "Primal" (2nd from darkest shade from the palette). Finishing the eyeshadow with the highlight shade "Skimp", by blending it along the brow bone and from the tear duct inwards towards the lid.  
No eye make-up look of mine would be complete without some form of black eyeliner and mascara-I fell 'bare' without them!

Onto the lips...To create that 90s brown lip I use two products-a brown lipliner and a nude/beige matte lipstick. As a recent lipliner convert, I use Mac "Cork" to line and fill in the whole of my lips blotting each layer of lipliner with a tissue to ensure maximum staying power and colour opacity. A recent trick/tip I discovered is by adding a slightly lighter shade of lipstick (Revlon "Nude Attitude") to the centre of lips, adds a subtle highlight to the look.
So there you have a couple of ways to add a 90s/grunge 'touch' to your everyday make-up look.

5 January 2016

Monki Metallic Parka

Photos by @ima.mermaid // Lookbook

First off happy new year!! I can't believe how quickly 2016 has come around and to be honest I couldn't wait to welcome it as the latter part of 2015 wasn't a particularly great time for me..to say the least. However with that swiftly behind me I'm welcoming 2016 with wide arms, and excitement as there is nothing like a new year to reignite your motivations and passions. 
I have already got a couple things planned for this coming year including a trip to L.A in July-revisiting the city that I love, as well as spending a night in the desert. I literally cannot wait for summer to come round. I have also recently invested in my *dream* camera (courtesy of these blog photos).  I am still trying to get use to using it and all of its killer settings, and with a new camera I'm planning on investing in a new snazzy lens to enhance my photos even further (as I'm currently using my old Canon 50mm f/1.8). So camera "geeks" let me know any recommendations below for fixed lenses, I'm currently contemplating between the Sigma 35mm F1.4 or the Canon 50mm F1.2.

Now onto the outfit...and this AMAZING Monki metallic parka coat which I received for Christmas (which was also featured on my Christmas wishlist). I couldn't wait to start styling some 'winter' themed looks with it, and expect more to come as I have fallen deeply for said coat. For todays outfit I decided to go down the slightly more 'practical' (meets grunge) route by pairing it with by Black Sabbath Tee (thanks sis >_<) and a pair of distressed denim jeans. As well as with my beloved Dr. Martens which I'm still in the process of "breaking in"-oh the pain my feet are suffering at the moment! 

Coat - Monki (out of stock online :( may have some instore?) | Top - eBay | Jeans - Boohoo | Bag - Vintage | Hat -Primark | Shoes - Dr. Martens 1460 (link) | Choker Necklace - My Sisters Accessories (link)


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