23 October 2017

starting over-why it's ok to do so?

Recently I've made the conscious decision to write about topics that are close to my heart, or on mind. As it's so easy to get caught up in this world where consumerism is the main drive and topics which need to be discussed get ignored. One of these 'topics' has been on my mind for years, and something which I've been meaning to write about as someone who has gone through it.
At present I have just started my second year of my degree (in photography), but if we re-wind back to 2015 I was in a very different place.

Straight off of my foundation course (in Fashion) I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion and moved up north to start a degree in that subject. As someone who used to plan everything-life move/s etc to the nth degree I never would of thought I would be that person to drop out. But fast forward to November of that year, I wasn't in a good place - mentally or physically and with the support of my family, I was on the train home by the end of that month, and signed the papers declaring my departure. Looking back it was probably one of the best life decisions I've made so far, and you really don't get to grips with how unhappy you are until you've left that situation.

The one question that I was constantly asked was "are you going to go back, and start another degree?" You would have assumed that this 'experience' would've completely put me off the idea of starting at another university. But low and behold it didn't, and instead made me realise what I WANTED from a degree. It's so easy to get caught up on a course that you hate, and feel pressure to see it through till the bittersweet end but in all fairness my health was at the epicentre of this, and I had to make the adult decision to put it first.

Dropping out is a taboo subject, I think I'm the only one from my friendship group who has, but what people don't realise is that there is this 'invisible' pressure to know what you want to do and picking a degree can have a huge influence on that. Especially if that degree doesn't live up to your expectations. Taking a 'year off' from education in 2016, allowed for other opportunities to come my way, and pursue an area of photography (photographing some of my favourite bands/musicians) that wouldn't have been possible if I didn't drop-out.

To end with, if you ever find yourself at a crossroad in important decision making (I'm not just talking about whether you should have that extra slice of pizza-you should), always go with your gut as 9 times out of 10 it's normally right.

Jumper - Missguided (link) | Trousers - Missguided (old-similar) | Backpack - New Look (similar here)

19 October 2017

UncommonGoods: Christmas Gift guide


With Christmas being not far around the corner, in fact November is only really a couple of weeks away. Prep for present hunting is key as I personally hate to leave it to the last minute, as honestly it isn't my ideal way of christmas shopping. UncommonGoods are place where you can pick up some unique festive gifts and are a brand that are all about sustainability, committed to selling products that are not harmful against humans or animals. They also work with their suppliers, including artists and small manufacturers, to make sure that their products are made in a socially and environmentally responsible way. 

As someone who is becoming more and more aware of the social and ethical impacts of our spending (you might have noticed my increase in wearing vintage clothing/sourcing vintage), this brand is perfect for Christmas gift shopping. Whether that's shopping for gifts for your family or even your friends. Especially with it being the time of year to give back and support small creatives, by purchasing truly one-off and personalised gifts. As you can see this is just a small selection of some my favourite items from the site, ranging from intricate pieces of jewellery and accessories to some truly stand out pieces of homeware. UncommonGoods also ship to the UK and other international locations, in addition to the USA.

Post in collaboration with UncommonGoods, all opinions are my own. Images taken from the UncommonGoods site.

17 October 2017

Red Shirt


Sporting a couple of new wardrobe additions in today's post, courtesy of my birthday last week. The main item being these contrasting panel trousers, from Zara that might I add have turned out to be one of the 'comfiest' pairs of trousers round. Especially as someone who is 9/10 working from home, i.e. sat at my computer for hours on end. Comfort in trouser form is key and these are up there with ultimate levels of comfort. The slightly tapered leg also allows them to be perfect for pairing with my beloved biker boots. Paired with the faux fur jacket, I can definitely see this being an outfit for more 'casual days'.

Faux Fur Jacket - Zara (link / similar here) | Shirt - Vintage (similar here) | Trousers - Zara (link) | Shoes - ASOS (similar here)
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