26 May 2017

3 Skincare Must-haves


Skincare has been a one of those things that I've been getting more and more with age, as I feel it is worth investing your time in looking after you skin as early as possible to have positive 'long-term' effects. As a previous acne sufferer my skin has always been an area which I've invested a hell of a lot of time in, trying to achieve 'clearer' looking skin. It's only now that I'm in my early 20s where I feel like I'm seeing an improvement, in areas such as texture, redness and (obviously) blemishes. Don't get me wrong I'm still prone to those pesky breakouts, but personally I strongly feel that these three products have helped maintain a clearer complexion.

Face masks have always been one of those products that I don't invest a lot of time in doing, purely due to having a few traumatic experiences with 'drugstore' brands, in the past. But this Trilogy one has been top of my list to try out, as I'm forever seeing rave reviews and bloggers singing it praise. The Mineral-rich kaolin formula purifies and deeply cleanses your skin, leaving you with a softer and radiant complexion. 
After using this mask for the past couple of weeks (x1-2 weekly) I noticed a dramatic difference to my skin. The mask has helped reduce redness, I'm only having 'smaller' breakouts as opposed to the ugly (annoyingly) large buggers that make frequent appearances. Also despite a lot of other clay masks drying out my skin, this one does the complete opposite due to the added rosehip and evening primrose oils. A winning combo really...

A little under a month ago I attended the Boohoo AW17 press day, and was lucky enough to receive an awesome goody bag with a tub of the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleansing Pads. After hearing my friends go on about how amazing this cleansing pads were, I was a *tad* excited to see if they lived up to their cult status. Again like with the face mask, I gave myself 2-3 weeks to see if I saw an improvement, and needless to say I did. 
One of the biggest improvements I saw, was that the texture of my skin had it had improved. I always tend to suffer from blackheads/small bumps under my fringe and no exfoliator would remove them. However after using this cleansing pads once a day (in the evening), the blackheads/bumps have dramatically decreased, and my skin doesn't feel dry or tight. They may be pricey on first glance, but as you 60 pads in a tub and as I only use them once a day its worth investing in.

Lastly is a product that I've been using for years, and over the last few months have switched to their 'richer' formula. The Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser is my no. 1 face moisturiser, hands down. Despite suffering from my fair share of acne, my skin is still on the dryer/combo side of things. With that in mind this moisturiser balances out this by replenishing the skin around my cheeks, and balancing out the oil on my t-zone. I use this twice daily, I also find its a great base for my make-up as it definitely preps my skin perfectly for make-up application. To be honest for £3 it really is a bargain.

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask - link* | Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleansing Pads (link)* | Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser (link)

24 May 2017



Weekend outfits are normally my favourite types of outfits, because (for me) they are centred around one thing- comfort. My current go-to outfit is my fav. print t-shirt, a pair of my trusty distressed mom jeans, and (weather dependent) a light (oversized) jacket. For that particular Sunday I opted for this Barbour Wax 'number' over my go-to leather jacket, which has been making frequent appearances on the blog as of late. I adore the oversized, masculine feel of the jacket as it adds another element to the whole look, as well as adding to that 'effortless'/thrown together' style that weekends are all about.

Jacket - Barbour (link) | T-Shirt - The Mountain (link)* | Trousers - New Look (similar here + here ) | Sandals - Birkenstocks (link) | Sunglasses - Rayban 'Round' (link)

22 May 2017



Layering knitwear for Spring has never been one of those trends/styles which I've never really opted to try, mainly because the knitwear that I own is far too 'heavy' for the warmer months.

Although recently I've been seeing some of my favourite Instagramer's pairing button down (jersey) tops with their favourite trousers, and thanks to spying this button down cardigan on my sister (who f.y.i rocked it with wide leg trousers) I wanted to try out the combo with my favourite pair of trousers. With a fairly simple 'all-black' outfit in tow, I decided to add a pop of colour/interest with my choice of accessories-including this sateen floral print backpack that hasn't left my back since I bought it.

Also Depop lovers I've just added a ton of clothes to my Depop account - @stylepeaches *link here*. There's an array of 'pretties' on offer including 90s vintage must-haves, that have been reasonably priced and sourced. So check it out, because once its gone...its gone forever!

Top (cardigan) - H&M (similar here link) | Trousers - New Look (link) | Bag - New Look (link) | Shoes - Primark (similar here link) | Glasses - Zalful* (sold out-similar here) | Belt - New Look (similar link)
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